Bloody Bawdy Villains


Bloody Bawdy Villains,  is an international, multilingual theatre company comprised of actors/clowns Ela Cosen (Germany), Nicole Ratjen (Canada) and Damien Warren Smith (Australia). With a key focus on physical theatre and clowning, this Berlin based company of idiots is dedicated to the quest of unlocking the souls of classical texts, with surprising, anarchic and hilarious consequences. In 2017 they launched with an audacious, madcap version of Hamlet? It premiered with a sold out run in June 2017 at Ackerstadt Palast and Tatwerk Berlin in November 2017 and ran for for another successful run in January 2018 at Ackerstadt and  most recently received raved reviews from its UK debut at the Brighton Fringe Festival.

Photography Johannes Greisle

Photography Johannes Greisle


Hamlet? is a surreal and hilarious romp through the mad Dane’s mind. Three idiots, their spirits with divine ambition puffed, battle for the love of the audience. Who will play Hamlet? Who is the most important character in the play? What a piece of work is a man?! And, will it ever start? An explosive revelation of aspects of Hamlet you never knew existed.



Ela Cosen, Nicole Ratjen & Damien Warren-Smith
Director: Lily Sykes
Designer: Friederike Meisel

Duration about 75 minutes

Language: English, no subtitles 

“ Here are three very gifted comedy actor/performers working perfectly together”



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